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Capacity Control in Refrigeration Systems

Capacity Control in Refrigeration Systems

Capacity Control in Refrigeration Systems


[1] methods for capacity control in refrigeration systems

[2] refrigeration circuit with compressor, condenser and 2 evaporators in insulated refrigeration chambers

[3] each refrigeration chamber with adjustable heater to generate a cooling load, thermostatic expansion valve and fan

[4] 1 refrigeration chamber with refrigeration controller for temperature control; solenoid valve, fan and defrost heater as actuators

[5] 1 refrigeration chamber with thermostat, solenoid valve and evaporation pressure controller for temperature control

[6] compressor with variable speed via frequency converter

[7] capacity controller in the compressor bypass


Technical Data


- refrigeration capacity: approx. 560W at -5/25 DegreeC

and 1450min-1

- drive motor: 550W

2 heaters: approx. 500W

4 fans: max. volumetric air flow rate: approx. 36,5m³/h

1 defrost heater: approx. 75W

Refrigeration controller

- 3 inputs

- 3 outputs

Evaporation pressure controller: 0...5,5bar

Thermostat: -5...20 DegreeC

Capacity controller: 0,2...6bar


Measuring ranges

- compressor speed: 465...975min-1

- temperature: 3x -60...50 DegreeC

- heater power: 2x 0...1000W

- pressure: 3x -1...9bar; 1x -1...24bar

Electrical Installation In Refrigeration Systems

Electrical Installation In Refrigeration Systems

Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Electrical Installation in Refrigeration Systems


[1] experimental unit from the practical series for the training of mechatronics engineers for refrigeration

[2] design and investigation of circuits with electrical components from refrigeration

[3] electrical components mounted clearly visible and connected on terminal blocks

[4] 1 set of cables with wire end ferrules for wiring electrical components on terminal blocks

[5] 3 pressure switches, 2 thermostats, 1 solenoid valve, 1 timer, 4 circuit breakers, 5 contactors, 3 relays, 2 capacitors

[6] 5 lamps to simulate consumers


Technical Data

3 pressure switches

- high pressure: 8...32bar

- low pressure: -0,9...7bar

- differential pressure: 0,3...4,5bar

2 thermostats: -5...20 DegreeC

1 timer

- 2 switchable outputs

- switching time: 1...60min

4 circuit breakers

- bimetallic circuit breaker

- thermistor circuit breaker

- circuit breaker with start-up current limiter

- adjustable protection relay

5 contactors

- 2x: 3 NO, 1 NC

- 3x: 4 NO

3 relays

- electromagnetic start-up relay

- PTC start-up relay

- time relay

Start-up and operating capacitor: 15µF, 80µF

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