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Renewable Energies

Water-to-Air Heat Exchanger Trainer

Water-to-Air Heat Exchanger Trainer

Water-to-Air Heat Exchanger Trainer


[1] Transfer Characteristics Of A Water-to-air Heat Exchanger
[2] Water-to-air Heat Exchanger As Cooler For Hot Water
[3] Electrical Heater With Thermostat
[4] Closed Hot Water Circuit Including Heater, Tank And Pump
[5] Water Flow And Air Flow Rates Adjustable
[6] Determination Of Volumetric Air Flow Rate Via Differential Pressure At Orifice Plate Flow Meter
[7] Electronic Sensors With Digital Displays

Technical Data

- Power Consumption: 470w
- Max. Flow Rate: 4,2m³/h
- Max. Head: 20,5m
- Material Cu/al
- Heat Transfer Area: 2,80m²
- Capacity: 2kw
- Water Temperature: 70 Degreec
Heater: 2kw
- Power Consumption: 0,25kw
- Max. Pressure Difference: 430pa
- Max. Flow Rate: 13m³/min
Hot Water Tank: 28l
Measuring Ranges
- Temperature: 4x 0...100 Degreec
- Water Flow Rate: 0...6m³/h
- Delivery Pressure Water: 0...4bar Abs.
- Air Mass Flow Rate: 0...250g/s

Heat Exchanger Supply Unit

Heat Exchanger Supply Unit

Heat Exchanger Supply Unit


[1] supply unit for heat exchangers

[2] hot water circuit with tank, heater, temperature controller, pump and protection against lack of water

[3] cold water circuit from laboratory mains or water chiller WL 110.20

[4] temperature controller controls the temperature of hot water

[5] flow adjustable using valves

[6] digital displays for 6 temperature and 2 flow rate sensors

[7] water connections with quick-release couplings

[8] stirring machine connection with speed adjustment .


Technical Data


- power consumption: 120W

- max. flow rate: 600L/h

- max. head: 30m


- power output: 3kW

- thermostat: 0...70 DegreeC

Hot water tank: approx. 10L


Measuring ranges

- temperature: 6x 0...100 DegreeC

- flow rate: 2x 20...250L/h


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