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Engineering Mechanics - Machine Elements

Dry Friction

Dry Friction

Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Equilibrium of Dry Friction.


[1] mechanical friction between 2 solid bodies

[2] friction body stationary, support friction surface in a moving carriage

[3] 2 friction bodies each with 2 different surfaces

[4] 3 support friction surfaces with a total of 4 different surfaces

[5] carriage driven by cable pulley and motor

[6] 2 driving speeds via a graduated cable drum

[7] force measuring unit: force gauge and adjustable air damper

[8] force measuring unit height-adjustable

[9] lines of action of friction force and tensile force always parallel

[10] adjustable air damper - with damping: measurement of a mean friction force adjusted by disturbances, without damping: slip/stick effects measurable

[11] storage system to house all parts




Machinery Diagnostic System, Base Unit

Machinery Diagnostic System, Base Unit
Machinery Diagnostic System, Base Unit
[1] base unit for machinery diagnostic training system[2] rigid base plate with workpiece holder slots[3] drive motor with variable speed via frequency converter[4] digital speed and power display[5] 2 shafts: 1x short, 1x long[6] 2 unbalanced flywheels with interchangeable balance weights[7] bearing blocks, roller bearings, interchangeable [8] fixing holes for vibration measurement transducer[9] flexible claw coupling and ControlflexR coupling[10] motor can be aligned obliquely and transversally[11] transparent protective hood[12] stackable box for components

Materials Tester

Materials Tester

Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Materials Tester


[1] assembly project for training in the metalworking trades

[2] complete set of parts for a universal materials tester

[3] force generation using hand-operated hydraulic system, no power supply necessary

[4] cross-member frame with ground steel pillars, compressive and tensile force can be generated

[5] precise pillar guide located in linear ball bearings

[6] hydraulic assembly of 2 cylinders

[7] hydraulic system piping assembly

[8] grey cast iron machine base

[9] 2 measuring gauges: displacement dial gauge and dynamometer

[10] space available for test specimens 165x65mm

[11] complete assembly tool kit


Technical Data

Max. test force: 20kN

Max. stroke: 45mm

Space available for test specimens: 165x65mm

Dynamometer: 0...20kN, graduations: 0,5kN

Displacement gauge: 0...20mm, graduations: 0,01mm

Tensile specimens: B6x30 DIN 50125

Test sphere diameter for Brinell test: D=10mm

Supplementary Set - Gear Wheels

Supplementary Set -  Gear Wheels
Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Equilibrium of Supplementary Set - Gear Wheels.

Specification[1] supplementary set for experimental unit [2] experiments with single-speed and multi-speed toothed gearing mechanisms[3] aluminium spur wheels with ball bearing mounts[4] quick assembly of the elements[5] deflection roller, mounting rail and gear wheels made of anodised aluminium [6] storage system for the components Technical DataAluminium spur gears- modulus: m=2mm- number of teeth: z=20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 - ball bearing gear wheel mounts, secured by thrust pads to grooved pinsRack- modulus: m=2mm- length: l=300mmMounting rail anodised aluminium - LxWxH: 760x30x30mm

Heat Exchangers in the Refrigeration Circuit

Heat Exchangers in the Refrigeration Circuit

Nominal capacity ml

Socket size





Deformation Of Frames

Deformation Of Frames

Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Deformation Of Frames
Specification[1] investigation of the deformation of steel frames under load[2] U-shaped and S-shaped frame[3] statically determinate or statically indeterminate bearing support possible[4] 1 long and 1 short clamping pillar[5] roller bearing for statically indeterminate support[6] loading of the frame by weights[7] 2 sets of weights with a movable hook to adjust to any load application point[8] dial gauges record the deformation of the investigated frame under load[9] storage system to house the components
[10] experimental set-up in frame

Deformation of Straight Beams

Deformation of Straight Beams

Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Deformation of Straight Beams.
Specification[1] elastic lines of statically determinate and indeterminate beams under various clamping conditions [2] 3 steel beams with different cross-sections
[3] 1 brass and 1 aluminium beam[4] 3 articulated, height-adjustable supports with force gauge[5] 1 support with clamp fixing[6] force gauges can be zeroed [7] 3 dial gauges to record deformations[8] 4 sets of weights with adjustable hooks[9] anodised aluminium section frame housing the experiment[10] storage system to house the components Technical Data Beam- length 1000mm- cross-sections 3x20mm (steel) 4x20mm (steel) 6x20mm (steel, brass, aluminium)Frame opening 1320x480mmMeasuring ranges- force -50..+50N, graduations 1N- travel 0...20mm, graduations 0,01mmWeights- 4x 2,5N (hanger)- 4x 2,5N - 16x 5N
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